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Thanks for the insight! I would like to see OmniFocus for Mac be presenting it's badge as the App Store and Mail are doing.
Speaking of consistency and attention to the rules, fnd t msng tht n wth sch fn y fr dtl wld nt trn thr dscrnng gz nwrd n us "ts" s th pssssv djctv nstd f th ncrrct "t's" ( cntrctn f "t s" or "t hs") ;-)
OmniWeb's Dock Icon Badge in this image is adding insult to injury... Maybe we should start with consistency inside OmniGroup apps and then start implementing the Human Interface Guidelines Recommendation on Badging in the Dock.
The Omni Group apps seem to be consistently putting their badges down at the bottom, so internal consistency doesn't seem to be an issue. I'm fairly confident that if anyone from Omni responds, the answer will be that the position was chosen to not obscure the graphic of the icon. It may also be the case that said placement predates the text in the current HIG document. You might even find that Apple is less than perfect at adhering to the full contents of the HIG document :-)

Yes, it will cover the icon. That is the purpose of a badge just as my name tag is on my uniform and not above it and the mail stamp is on the envelope and not above it. ;-)
The stamp doesn't cover the company logo on the envelope, however...

For best results in getting Omni to change something, you need to also send email feedback via Help->Send Feedback, which gets the request into their database. Posting on the forum is not guaranteed to do so, or even be seen, unlike the email. If the badge placement really bothers you, I would suggest turning it off via the "Show item counts: In the dock" checkbox in the Data preferences, because they are unlikely to act quickly on this! You do have the option of showing the same count in the menu bar, where you may find it less objectionable, yet still visible.

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