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Uh, which design is it that you're missing?

Moving the badge to the upper right corner wouldn't allow for larger numbers without overlapping the icon contents, as you can see with the Mail example.
Well, it would just write the larger number across the middle of the icon, then.

There is a built-in facility in the OS for badging, and all applications that use it badge in the upper right corner. Also, those that use the built in OS X facility changed appearance with Lion, so they now have a white ring around the outside of them to improve readability. From this, I can deduce that your'e still running Snow Leopard, Bill ;-)

It would be nice if the OG applications would use the standard conventions; the one downside being in this case that there's no orange so you'd lose the ability to delineate between overdue/due soon/flagged as you can already. Bill with 96 in "due soon" and 0 overdue I can see you're not one who avoids due dates ;-)