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I am very new to Omnifocus...just downloaded the iPhone App on Friday and spent a bunch of time trying to figure it out over the weeked. I have used Appigo's Todo since my first iPhone but really only used it as a simple task manager.

I have specific question about applying a due date to a project vs applying a due date to the actions within the project.

I have a series of work reports that I have to look at every morning. I set up a project called Daily Branch Reports and then I have the individual reports set up as actions within that project. These re-occur every business day. I know this is simpleton kind of stuff for Omnifocus but I wanted to start out with the simple stuff to make sure I was "getting it".

My question....Do I set up a due date/time for the project or for the individual actions within that project?

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks much!