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Actually, this isn't so simple!

You have two basic choices for how to structure this:
  • A repeating project
  • A non-repeating project, with repeating actions

As a general rule of thumb, either the project repeats, or the actions repeat, but never both.

You only want to do this on business days, which complicates matters a bit, because OmniFocus currently doesn't have built-in support for things like "repeat this task every weekday".

What I would do would be to make a non-repeating project called Check Daily Branch Reports, set to execute in parallel, not sequential (very important!) and fill it with repeating actions. For each activity, I would make 5 similar actions:

Read Monday's Sales report @Office
Read Tuesday's Sales report @Office
Read Wednesday's Sales report @Office
Read Thursday's Sales report @Office
Read Friday's Sales report @Office

(@Office being shorthand for in the Office context)

and each one would have a start date and a due date (for example, Read Monday's Sales report might have a start date of Aug 9, 2010 6:30AM and a due date of Aug 9, 2010 11:30AM) and be set to repeat weekly. This structure keeps the activities independent of each other so that failure to read one of the reports doesn't block you from seeing all of the reports the next day, as would otherwise be the case with a repeating project. A repeating action or project only generates the next action or project when the first one is completed, so if you don't complete everything before the next project should start, the next project is not created!

With this structure, and using the default settings of show Available actions in a Context view, when you open up OmniFocus on Monday morning and look at the Office context to see what tasks you can tackle, that Read Monday's Sales report action will appear. When you complete it, it disappears, but Tuesday morning the Read Tuesday's Sales report action will appear. If you are swamped Tuesday morning and don't get a chance to read it, Wednesday morning the Read Wednesday's Sales report action will appear, and the Tuesday one will still be there as well, and shown in red because it is overdue.