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... My qualm here is the fact that one can't set a notification for start, rather there is one for Due ...
You can set up OmniFocus so that the task becomes visible after the start time, but I'm not sure I quite grasp the philosophy of a start time notification.

Is it so that you don't need to repeatedly look in OmniFocus to check if there's anything you should have started, but rather have it tell you?

I must admit I have daily repeating OmniFocus task that reminds me to look in OmniFocus every morning for pretty much that reason :-)

On the GTD side of things, if the task is SO BIG it MUST be started on time in order to finish on time, then perhaps it's a project, not a task, and needs breaking down - and the first task is to start the project - on time.

I think the problem for me is that I don't know how I'd use the feature, can you give an example?