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... The desktop version gives Available notifications through Growl...
Interesting, I didn't know that.

I see what you mean from the example though.

I realise now that what I've been doing in similar circumstances (without really thinking about it) is to create a reminder task (which functions like your start notification) and when it goes off I'll push back the due time (much easier in 1.9) to the *real* due time.

For example my kids might have some homework that's got to be handed in on Thursday morning, so I'll create a task that's due on Wednesday night called "Do Homework for Thursday".

When that goes off I nag them, and then reschedule it for the morning so I can remind them to take it to school.

I can see now how a start notification would simplify this, but I think I'd want to choose per task if I wanted it or not since I mostly use the start time to reduce the visibility of non urgent items.