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I've been using OmniGraffle Pro to create wireframes on a project for about 3 months. Now I am beginning to collaborate with developers using Visio on a PC platform. I have been exporting my OG files for them to annotate and have been disappointed in the results.

Although all the content transfers, the positioning of elements seems unpredictable. Text formatting in particular seems to be an issue. Sometimes vertical spacing between elements has disappeared and in other cases, additional spacing has been inserted where it shouldn't be. Since some of my documents are rather long, the prospect of having to realign the layouts in Visio does not thrill me.

Can anyone offer me advice on getting the best results working between the two programs?

Are there any ways to prepare an OG document for the best translation in Visio? Formatting styles to avoid or that pose problems in translation? (I noticed that if I had any hidden layers, they were all visible in Visio and had to be carefully selected and deleted, so I've begun deleting all hidden layers before exporting).

Any tips would be immensely appreciated. Thanks!