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As Brian has told you - with your iPhone, you can add your actions/projects that are work related very easily (and keep them synched with your desktop OmniFocus), but you still won't be able to attach e-mails to them. This is even if you are able to use the Exchange features of the iPhone Mail application for your work account (Apple blocks the ability for one app on the iPhone to talk to another, apart from a few of their own). You will still need to e-mail them to yourself to get them added to your OmniFocus inbox. However, if you leave your Mac running at home and Mail and OmniFocus open, any messages you send to yourself will eventually appear in the inbox in OmniFocus on your iPhone if you are using e.g. MobileMe or another form of WebDAV to keep your desktop and iPhone databases synched. However, this is not very environmentally or electricity bill -friendly in the current financial climate!