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I must say, after all the rave reviews I was expecting a little bit more from OmniGraffle for iPad. I have had no other experience with Omni software before but I must say this all feels very clumsy and Windows-like. Miles away from what I've come to expect from Mac software in my many years of working with it.

Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there. Now for my immediate problem. (The so called online manual, which I consulted to try and find a solution for this issue, really doesn't deserve that title. It only glosses cover a few option in the app in a very verbose, non intuitive and techie way. Where are the user friendly pictures?)

My issue is with the connecting lines between objects. How on earth am I supposed to control their connecting points on the various shapes? When I try to connect the bottom of one shape to the top of another using an angled line it automatically jumps to a random place on that shape. Do I have any control over the points of origin of connecting lines on a shape? I need this control as the automatic lay-out of diagrams comes up with some ridiculous solutions with lines overlapping shapes and randomly originating from all sides of the shape. Please give me some guidance.