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Ken, thanks for giving the word from the top. Always nice when the head honcho replies to a query! I appreciate you taking the time.

whpalmer4, thanks for your really comprehensive reply. That gave me some great insight. While sharing is not necessarily a critical issue, I like others, do consider some kind of PDF export to be important, so I might wait until that version drops soon.

I also like your idea of waiting to buy when I can give it a real tyre-kicking session within the 30 day "trial" period. Although I don't like to consider claiming money back from Omni if I can avoid it. I've been an avid user of OmniFocus on all three platforms since they each launched, and I feel that I have underpaid for that product!

On the other hand, I bought OmniOutliner for iPad and that didn't gel with me (but iThoughtsHD did) so that was less successful.

I guess ultimately, I hope to find a use for OP, although I have to admit, part of me is just really attracted to its UI beauty!