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the large checkboxes are a productivity win to me, because the larger hit target makes it much easier to click.
A larger hit target is good, and we don't have to pay for it with a large area of non-data ink and fill (a weakened ratio of signal to noise) - the UI can simply enlarge the responsive area around the familiar unobtrusive check-box, and a mouse-over cursor change can reveal that enlargement.

It makes more sense to presume that this was a conscious design decision, and not simply an "allusion" for the sake of allusion.
Conscious certainly. But not an optimisation for the OS X screen - just an allusion to the iOS screen, on which such checkboxes are optimised for fingers. Introducing, in fact, additional visual distraction from the text (see the image in another post).

I agree with you regarding the sidebar icons (I think they have too much visual weight), how is this related to "allusion noise"? As far as I'm aware, these icons debuted in OF2 and any problems they may have have little to do with "allusion noise".
Take a look at the folder icons on the iPad version. The jagged-profiled open folder icon, and its closed partner, with its over contrasting tab-line, are simply imported straight from iPad to OS X. The rest of the icon set adopts the same high-noise (redundantly high-contrast) style - dark gray fills in strong constrast with bright internal white lines. Again, not a local optimisation even stronger visual contrasts, in fact, against the lighter OF2 background - but instead of visual optimisation, an allusion to the iPad version.


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