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there is a constant struggle to make UI's more appealing to the eye. Every new major version of every software needs a "refresh" of the UI these days. It's kind of fashionable right now and overhauls are expected by the customers.
Perhaps that's more the case when the thing is heavy with decoration and ornamentation. Everyone tires, in time, of patterned wall-papers and strongly colored wall-paints.

Interesting to see the success of a slightly different path - iA Writer is still in the App Store productivity category's list of top 10 paid apps.

Even in a very low-noise design it still finds room, once clarity is well-established, for some color and marketing (in the cursor).

I would personally be inclined to let the user choose their own colors and fonts, not least for the cursor, but the line they've taken still seems to have worked well for sales. No getting tired of the wallpaper there ...

(And iA Writer got a Mac App of the Year award. It would be good to see OmniGroup winning an Apple Design Award again No reason why they shouldn't, with some good deep design principles, some ambitious creative re-thinking, and a willingness to throw away a few initial drafts :-)