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Thank you OFocus for the quick response!

The Ninja's Reply:

I'm really sorry for the trouble here. There's a sync bug on the iPhone that we're currently investigating, and will hopefully have a fix implemented in the next update.

In a nutshell, each edit to your database is stored as a separate transaction file, which form a kind of "tree" diagram, with root and tail transactions. This order of transactions need to be the same on all devices in order to sync properly. If you're editing an item or creating a new one while a sync is running on the iPhone, the new edits aren't properly saved to your database. They're stored in the application's cache, and are added to the database after the initial sync, but the subsequent sync will point to the wrong 'tail' transactions, which causes that incompatibility error.

First, you'll want to tap the following link on your phone:

Then, tap the Email Database link. This will generate a Mail message on your phone with the OmniFocus database attached. Edit the recipient field so that you send the email to yourself. This way, you'll have a recent backup of your iPhone's database.

Now, run a sync on your phone, and select the Sync database when prompted with that dialog.

Now, head over to your Mac. Open the email you just sent yourself, and double-click the attached OmniFocus.ofocus file- this will open your iPhone's database on your Mac's copy of OmniFocus. Select "All Items" from the Perspectives menu, and copy and paste any missing info into your main document on the Mac, and run a sync. Then, run a sync on your iPhone. This should put your iPhone and Mac back in sync. While we fix the bug, it's good practice to run a sync on the iPhone before you quit the app, without making any edits.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to call us at 800.315.6664. We're open from 10AM-5PM PST. In case the phone support people need to refer to our correspondence, your ticket number is 498090. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.


Jameson Brown
Support Ninja
Omni Group