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For the record, I am quickly realizing that OmniFocus is a hybrid compromise between a fairly decent ToDo list and a Project Management app, and therefore not very useful as either.

It is NOT suitable for 2 people who share certain projects, but wish to maintain separate databases of private, other projects.

It should not be that difficult to implement this, a la Google Calendar.

How difficult can it be for OmniFocus to open and merge several databases at once (i.e. User1, User2, and Joint)??? In shared projects, one user needs to be able to put something on the other user's "plate".

Seems OF is completely contrary to the whole point of multitasking computing--it's an app that can only open one file at once. Useless.
You should maybe read a bit of the background of OmniFocus, and particularly the task management philosophy it comes from, "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, before being so dismissive. To be certain this isn't the right solution for everyone, but I don't think it's ever claimed to be.