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Hi Brian,

If OF can open more than one database at the same time, where's the "Open" command in the File menu? ;)

Interesting link, from some developers' point of view. Not mine (I used to be one). It's such a classic mistake: developers making software based on what they want to see, or what's easy, instead of looking around to see what people need or want. This is partially what killed NeXT, as Ken is most likely aware of already.

While I have seen the word used in the context described in the article, "useless" is not meant as a slam here. It's a perfectly good descriptive. Short for "useless to me", "useless to my needs", "useless to others I've involved in my life and the search for software that actually helps instead of ADDING to our workload". I am not looking for "a minor feature" that you missed. This is huge.

When software makes the user change her needs instead of accommodating them, it is flawed. I'm not talking about feature-rich software that has a steep learning curve. That's great. But if the basis of using the software is predicated on a model of thought that just isn't natural or on ignoring basic realities of life, you have a problem.

Software is at its core, just like the internet, meant for communication with others, for reaching out _to_ others. It appears that OmniFocus is for people who work in their own bubble.

I hope that you see this on your road to OmniFocus 2.x rather than hoping people will hang in there through 8.x. No one said it was going to be easy, or trivial. This is the ONE feature that will put you ahead of the pack of [useless ;) ] task managers out there.

Google is getting there fast, but there are still plenty of people who will use iCal and a WebDAV server rather than store their stuff on the cloud. You _need_ to be the iCal of tasks and projects...