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You know, no matter how many threads you start on this I'm pretty sure it won't be in version 1.0. :)
I started a new thread to state my workaround for not having multiple contexts. Generally when a thread diverges in some way it's good to start a new thread, although it's not an exact science (from a Usenet veteran since 1994!).

I don't know where the Omni developers stand on this for version 1.0 -- they haven't participated in the recent long thread related to this so maybe they are watching the discussion. As a former developer, I have had to decide whether to add a feature while in the development stage, or add it later when it might cost more to do so. The good thing is that the program could default to single-context and have a setting for multiple context so that those who want only single contexts have them, and those that find multiple contexts useful would have them too.

Anyway, my workarounds are:

1) Creating multiple activities using copy / paste when an activity fits into more than one context.

2) I could possibly use the notes field in conjunction with the search function (as someone else posted about) to specify the person context, so if I am with Amy it would be in the note and show up with a search.

Both though are compensating for limitations of OF.