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I would love it if Scrivener could just read OPML files and OmniOutliner and Scrivener would provide two views to the same data.
I can't remember if this has come up on the Scrivener forum, but you could have a look and if not you could post a feature request. But my guess is you'll get an answer, at best, of "Not until v. 2 at some nebulous point in the future". Since Keith wrote it as the environment he wants for being able to get on with his novel, and it's just grown from there, I don't know how interested he would be in going down that road.

I think I'm quite happy using the two the way I mentioned. That said, I'm just deciding to completely re-write one of my courses for next semester, and am thinking of doing it the other way round perhaps ... doing the writing in Scrivener, exporting the synopses to RTF for import into OO and then exporting them to Keynote from there.