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Thanks much- you are exactly correct. Since it goes "through" MobileMe, I had expected it would sync like calendar/contacts (ie, both send by one client and receive by all other clients completed within 2-3 minutes).
This is a common misconception. The only thing MobileMe is providing here is WebDAV service and name confusion :) The OmniFocus MobileMe sync and the MobileMe disk sync and the MobileMe calendars/contacts/etc. sync all have nothing to do with each other.


One other question... when entering a new task on iPhone, can I immediately close OF on iPhone and assume it will sync, or do I need to leave OF showing on iPhone for a minute? I'd hope it's OS4 aware and could complete sync in background as needed.
Unfortunately, the only way to be sure it has synced is to tap the sync button and wait for the little watch to stop spinning. Omni has not been able to get background syncing of the sort you describe to work yet. There are some frequently lengthy operations which it can complete in the background, but this one requires network access and that seems to be the sticking point.