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This summer we are building a fiber network between our four buildings.

This work is being contracted out (actually to more than one party).

I am aware of several of the "big picture" steps that have to take place, and we still have some questions that need to be answered, and based on those answers the project can go in different directions.

I want to keep on top of the contractors and the decision points to make sure the project stays on its timeline.

We have a deadline date when it needs to be completed by.

One of the line items is "construction begins", and we were told that it would take 1.5 days to complete.

Another item is posting an RFP (which has to post for 10 business days).

So I am calculating backwards from the completion date, and forwards from where we are now, and calculating how long each of these phases will take, to keep track of when certain decisions need to be made to stay on track overall.