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1. Cannot create custom magnets on grid snap points. I do complex diagrams and often have boxes with lots of magnets. For neatness, I'd like to keep connectors on the grid but it's hard to do when I cannot align custom magnets to the grid. Instead I'm reduced to zooming in to 800% and getting as close as I can and praying that the connection line wont stray too far off vertical/horizontal to show a jagged line.
Here's what I do to solve this problem.

I don't put magnets on my object. Instead I make little squares that are two grid units on a side. I turn off fill, strokes, and shadow on the boxes so they are invisible. Then I give them magnets, usually north/south or east/west. Then I stick the squares around the edge on my main object where I want edges to attach. Then I group all the invisible squares with my object.

Now, when I drag edges to my grouped object the magnets on the invisible squares will highlight. I then drop the connection down in the right place.

One variant on this is to put text in the squares. They become rectangles of course. This lets me label connections, which I often need to do.

I hope this helps,