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I don't put magnets on my object. Instead I make little squares that are two grid units on a side. I turn off fill, strokes, and shadow on the boxes so they are invisible. Then I give them magnets, usually north/south or east/west. Then I stick the squares around the edge on my main object where I want edges to attach. Then I group all the invisible squares with my object.
That is an awful lot of manual labour, not necessary, the result of which is, what OG will do without that labour. It may help to learn the product, and what it is capable of doing, and thus avoid the manual labour. I suggest you play with and get to know:
set magnets using the available drop-down list
move/add/delete magnets on the one shape (custom magnets)
use the ⇧ ⌥ ⌘ ⌃ modifiers and learn what they do
use each Tool in single-use and multi-use mode
allow connections to grouped object vs components

This lets me label connections, which I often need to do.
That is a different point. OG handles labels for llines quite nicely, with many variations. If you post your problem (that causes you to use additional rectangles for labels instead of ordinary OG labels), maybe someone can help.

While it is true that OG is simple and intuitive, and anyone can use it effectively in a short time, it is also true (about any product actually, MacDraw, FlowCharter, OG) that the more you learn the product, the more efficient (avoid manual labour) you can be.

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