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Hello ... I am running Omnifocus 1.9 on Mac OSX....

I keep getting the error message "unable to execute SQL". It seems to be running OK, but everytime I perform any kind of action, whether its within a task, editing or typing, I get this error message. So its not really effecting functionality, its just a real pain and is probably doubling the input time (which sort of defeats the point). I just shut the message and continue doing what I am doing. I cannot see anything else wrong.

I have tried to shut it down and restart - it prompts me to save, and when I try to save, I get the message:

"The document “OmniFocus” could not be saved. Unable run SQL for statement 'BEGIN EXCLUSIVE'" and I shut that down to go back to the main screen. Still the same problems.

It seems to synch OK, so there is probably an online backup; I just dont want to force quit and find I lose my current tasks ....

Can you help?