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Why not just select the folder in the Finder, bring up the Get Info window with command-I and remove the .html extension?
'Cause it is a pain and seems so unnecessary. Plus after I do that the next time I update my outline and export the changes I end up with two copies of my folder, one with the extension and one without. Simply deleting the extension won't work because there is already a folder with that name.

Perhaps it seems silly if I needed to do it once but I create outlines of course units, each section being a lesson. Each course has many units. These unit outlines are modified and updated often. Other teachers access them online. So this process gets repeated over and over.

Here is what I cooked up with Automator:
1. Look in folder A
2. Select anything with the .HTML extension
3. Move selection to folder B
4. Strip the extension
5. Move back to folder A and overwrite the previous virsion
6. Transmit uploads the new folder containing the index.HTML files to my web host.