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When you create a document with the default template, the window you will find yourself looking at is composed primarily of two views. On the left, the Outline View presents a hierarchical columnated list of tasks. On the right, the tasks are laid out graphically on a timescale. This view is called a Gantt View.

The screenshot you have included is only displaying the Gantt View with task titles displayed to the left of the Gantt bars. To replicate that, go to the View -> View Options… menu item. For each of the three task types under "Task Labels", enable display of the task "Name" to the left of the Gantt bar. Feel free to try whatever variation you like.

If you don't want to see the Outline View at all, you can locate the border between the two and drag it to the left until it collapses. You can always drag it back from the left edge when you decide you need it after all.

As always, when you're finding yourself frustrated, it's far far better to contact our support staff directly than to post here, where responses are not guaranteed or likely to be timely.

Hope that clarifies things for you!