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What a splendid iPhone (and desktop) application. Syncing my iPhone with my desktop OmniFocus has been seamless; I'm one of the lucky MobileMe users who suffered no glitches. The default desktop settings felt constraining at first, until I played around a bit - no, a lot, really - now I've configured it to match my needs, workflow, and aesthetic desires (Lucida Grande and pale blue projects background to match the sidebar background: clean, soothing, Thingy). All the configuration options can seem overwhelming, but it's a blessing not to be locked into someone else's vision of organization. I never fully appreciated the GTD contexts concept until working with the iPhone app; it felt icky to mix "buy soap" in with "check page proofs" on the desktop (even with the focus feature - it's a kosher thing), but clicking "Errands: CVS" as I wander through the aisles - ah, chores like water.

That said, I'd love to see an option on the iPhone to set no time when I enter a due date. The desktop application allows us to set a default time, but that doesn't seem possible in the iPhone version - and it's a bit tedious to scroll through the little "slot machine" to 11:59pm to avoid those red overdue dots. Perhaps a "none" time option on the hour and minute dials? Forgive me if this issue has been addressed in other posts. Has anyone found a useful work-around? Many thanks!