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I'm still using Omni Graffle 4, although I tried the trial version of 5.

When I try to open many of my Omni Graffle documents, I get the error: The document “<filename>.graffle” could not be opened. Conversion of string failed. The string is empty.

This error happened in the trial of 5, as well as my registered version of 4. I deleted the trial version of 5. I also deleted several prefs files, including

com.omnigroup.OmniGrafflePro.LSSharedFileList.plis t

I use OmniGraffle infrequently, based on my client's needs, so I'm unsure of any past actions that would have corrupted these files. Last time I used them, they worked, and today, they don't!

Any thoughts? Maybe there are some other files I can delete?

I'm able to open some of my old files, just not all of them.