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I've created a sample project that has a task that has to start at a specific time. There are tasks both before and after this start-constrained-task, and I'm having difficulty setting it up.

The project is to install a software patch on a server and want to minimize the impact to users. I'll stop the server at 11pm, but I want OmniPlan to tell me what time I should start my prep work (unzipping the patch, logging into the server, etc).

All of the tasks are simple dependancies:
Login to server --> Unzip patch --> Stop Server --> Install Patch

I've designated overtime hours for both the project and myself to cover the time I'm working tonight.

Project Settings
-- I've set the Project Dates field to "Specific"
-- I've set the Project Direction to "Forward"
-- I've set the Project Start to 6/9/2012 11pm (this may be my issue)

"Stop Server" Task Settings
-- I set the Start Constraint to 11pm tonight.
-- I set the task's Direction to "ASAP"
-- OmniPlan sets the task start date to 6/11/2012 11am

I don't understand why the start date is calculated for Monday. Where did I goof it up?

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