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Hi Marc,

To me it sounds like your issue is either that you put everything into OF and then neglect to actually do anything (=lazy but organised) ;p or that you might profit from using the next action concept more.

As I understand you you have a lot of things you would like to do at some point and I recommend putting those under someday/maybe for the simple reason that, as long as you have actually important stuff to be done, those projects and actions are getting in the way. They obscure your sight on what is important to be done right now. So stuff them away and look at them when you got nothing else to be done.

Then I recommend going through all the other projects (this not in someday/maybe) and see if they are still up to date, if any are time crucial etc and mark them accordingly.

And finally, make use of next actions and concepts. I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, could you give a little insight into your daily workload? Are you doing things on the lists? Or are you occupied with other stuff? Are you adding more new tasks than you actually finish every day?