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I really like Lucas' suggestion, though I don't use it myself as I don't have a convenient "primary" context like he does. It does nicely illustrate using OmniFocus' implicit prioritization scheme (sidebar order).

There's another arrow in the OmniFocus quiver that might prove useful to you. The Review functionality allows you to make sure you are regularly putting eyes on all of your projects, at the frequency needed for each individual project. Active projects can have more frequent reviews, with those on the back burner having less frequent reviews. Each day, you bring up the review mode and see the projects that are due for review, look each one over, and use the Mark Project Reviewed button (not in the default toolbar, but available if you customize the toolbar, or just use the menu or keyboard shortcut) to indicate that you've given it some attention. If you spread out the review cycles, you can get a constant amount of reviewing done each day instead of having to do a mind-numbing pass over hundreds of projects, and if you force yourself to do a little work on each one (if possible) as you review it, that's a painless way to ensure that each project gets some regular attention. For a clever idea (credit goes to Curt Clifton) on how to spread out the reviews efficiently, do a forum search for "prime number review" and read the posts.