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I apologize for the tangent. After you gave me this first example, I was wondering why I couldn't see any of the completed projects after clicking context on the final step. Then I referenced that thread with your suggestion on creating the context first before creating actions.

I don't want to confuse the readers of this thread since it's about searching. Thank you for explaining that you can't search the contexts.

I made a mistake in my last post. I'm able to see the completed actions because I forgot when I assign a context to a project and create actions, it assigns that context to the actions. So, forgot my previous post.

Your first tip lead me into a new problem, and it won't show the completed projects after clicking the desired context on the final step.

- I select Projects Mode, then Project Filter Completed.
- I highlight four projects in the Project Filter field.
- I click Focus.
- I select Contexts Mode, then Grouping Context & Availability Filter Completed
- Finally, I click the context, but I do not see any of the projects that were completed and associated with that context. Am I missing something?

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Two ways:
Go to Project mode via View->Planning Mode. Set the project selector (atop the sidebar) to show Completed projects. Select all of the projects. Focus on those projects by using View->Focus on <selected projects>. Now go to Context mode via View->Context Mode. Select grouping by context. Now go to the context of choice and see the projects there. You can open a given project by selecting the row, then right-clicking and choosing Focus in New Window from the popup menu.