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I did tell you how to have that WebDAV volume auto-mount so it is always ready. As for the speed, that's going to depend on your network connection and where you are relative to the site on the other end. If your connection is good, the need to copy the files to your local disk goes away, which eliminates a few more of your steps. Frankly, even if it takes a few seconds longer, that's dwarfed by the time I'm going to spend working in the file in most cases. Your mileage may vary.

I lost interest in DropDAV when they rolled out a pricing model that was a percentage of what I pay Dropbox. I see that they've apparently retreated from that, but for me, there just isn't enough additional value to have another set of sticky fingers in my wallet each month. On the other hand, if paying the $5 caused the data to be magically synced onto my iPads, my kid would have to start hiding his piggy bank :)