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... My brainstorming goes into my mind map program NovaMind ...
Thanks for the note about NovaMind.

FWIW, I find Curio ( offers a more expansive way of brainstorming (mindmapping) and further development because it allows a wider set of objects to be placed on a page and it can function with-in itself as a complete project dossier. My short tests with NovaMind were a bit frustrating in this regard. From this, I would class NovaMind as definitely having a more expansive mind-mapping tool set but by comparison having a weaker overall idea development paradigm and a somewhat less-friendly UI (IMO) than Curio.

Curio also has task-tracking (aka project management) tools built in, making it a nice supplement to OF (certainly, so does NovaMind but at a higher price).

Just a happy user of Curio adding his 2c.