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Ok I just upgrade to Omni Focus last month from Things and kind of overwhelmed. Sorry if these questions have already been asked and answered. I have the Mac version, iphone and ipad several areas I am having problem with - I was hoping to get some help with.

1. One of the problem I am having is trying to figure out what I am doing daily - in regards to start dates. I put a bunch of start dates on actions and followed the David Sparks video on perspectives (Today, Available Context & Clear) but I get a bunch of items that don't have any start dates in these. I also do not get everything that has a start date that has passed and also every action in several projects show up on Today with no dates assigned to these at all. I really like the forecast view however if they do not have due dates and the start date was yesterday I can not figure out how to find it.

2. Removed - Answer found

3. Is there any way to add in a next action with a start date but no specific time?

4. My sort by start date is greyed out so I can not select or sort my start date so my next actions are all over the place by date. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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