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If I have a Context and then move within it a number of location based contexts with notification set to alert when arriving for each of the nested contexts, if I crate a task and set the context as the parent context will Omnifocus alert me when arriving at any of the nested contexts?

For example if I have a Context set as Supermarket and then I have nested under it a number of actual stores as context (es L1, L2, L3, L4) and I then set the task context as Supermarket when I arrive at any of L1, L2, L3 or L4 will I get an alert or can one not create a location group like this?
I would suspect that this will not work as the Action is related to the supermarket context, not L1, L2, l3...

Imagine if I had a Shopping Context with different types of stores

* Hardware
* Grocery
* Fresh

and I store any actions which do not belong in hardware, Grocery or Fresh in the Shopping Context. e.g. "Pick up Dry Cleaning"

if OF then notifies me as I get to the Hardware store to pick up my dry cleaning, it's not useful.

I'd read up on location searches under OF.