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I just had to reset the all the repeating actions for my Singletons project.
I have a lot of actions i have to do repeatedly, which are not really project (single actions only). As i was entering another one, the window popped up, saying "You already have 13 repeating actions" and below it only one button saying: "Clear current repeating actions".

Why is there a limit on repeating actions? At least make the repeating actions limit configurable in preferences or make the limit higher for Singletons project. i have to review everything again instead of doing something else i should be doing right now.

Don't like this, don't like this AT ALL. At least let us take the choice about clearing currently set repeating actions and not making the last one (i tried to add) repeatable.

Great work guys, i love your program (intend of buying it), but this kind of thing really stresses me out.