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OmniGraffle is great for creating Mindmaps.

The problem is it is terrable for Brain Storming. It is a huge shame there is no good Onmi way to brainstorm.

My preffered work routes would be.

Creating new content.
|Brain Storm| -> Omni Outliner -> Puplication App for written component
|Brain Storm| -> Omni Graffle -> Publication App for visual
|Brain Storm| -> Omni Focus/Plan for planning

Editing/Reviewing Content
Content -> Brain Storm

I love the hierarchical nature of Omni Outliner and Brainstorming. It's a great shame that there aren't good was of importing documents into Outliner using their hierarhical information. For instance most documents have a heading hierarchy.

Unfortunatly to do this would require significant work. The structural nature would have to come from outliner the graphical nature would be like Graffle. It would be more like outliner with a gui.