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I used to be a Notebook user and I am in the process of switching (mainly driven by Omni Focus). If any of the features I want are already there, please excuse me - and even more, please let me know :)

(1) I would LOVE to be able to link information between sections of an outline or between different outlines. This allows for single location information, even when it's relevant in several areas or outlines.

(2) I would love to be able to insert the clipping capability in any outline in any given area, to be able to copy content and them simply remove it (more on a temporary basis, rather than a Clippings container).

(3) I like notebook's capability to support inserting symbols and being able to search by them. I for example use it to within any document, to highlight an idea (that I might want to search later on). I have several uses like this that I will miss a lot when switching.

(4) I love the possibility to have creation and modifies dates for each line of an outline. It's pretty useful to go back overtime, and to see when you met, and what subsequent changes you made later.

I hope this is helpful. I really like the app and just looking for ways to make it even better! Thanks.