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The error message in this case is just due to the mangling of the file name; so the real error has happened prior to this.

The message about the unknown track is due to a long-past error in packaging our OmniFocus release; it should be benign, but you can avoid it with the following in Terminal:

defaults remove com.omnigroup.OmniFocus OSUVisibleTracks

As to why the file name might get mangled; my only guess is that somehow Apple's downloader is deciding to rename the file. This could happen if the web server tells it to use a different file name than the original path used in the URL. If you are hitting our extremesims mirror, this shouldn't happen, but if you are getting a copy passed through a proxy server or some other mirror, then a server misconfiguration could cause this.

Beyond that, there might be come client side configuration that would cause this, but I'm unaware of what it might be, other than the options I suggested.

Has anyone else hit this problem and arrived at a solution? This is the first I've heard of it, but maybe someone else has...?
CTO, The Omni Group