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I'll disagree here. The current keys mimic OmniOutliner. Almost all OmniOutliner shortcuts work in OmniFocus. As a heavy user of both applications, I appreciate the commonality.
Maybe your fingers aren't preprogrammed in the same way as mine, but I have this reflex when I am editing something that feels like a form or text field (an OmniFocus/Outliner line, an Address Book entry, etc), that I want to finish the edit with something that "enters" the data, and makes sure that any following key-clicks are not accepted as input. My contention is that the Enter key should have this behavior, but the truth is that there is no convention.

In Photoshop you close a text field with Enter. In AddressBook, you finish editing an address with command-L. However in Illustrator you get out of a text field with command-return, which drives me crazy.

But in Omnifocus there isn't such a keystroke at all, AFAICT. Return does this when you are in a pick-list field like Context, but when you are the Name field it creates a new entry (this inconsistency is another user interface annoyance IMHO). My contention is that if command-' is mapped to "Edit Note", why not use Enter for this function?

So, while I understand your point about continuity between Omni applications, my question to you is: Do you not need an "accept entry" key, or do you think that another key combination should be mapped to this, or does OmniFocus already have such a key and I haven't discovered it yet?


PS (Added later): A solution that would help solve my need would be that Return has the same function regardless of which field is selected--ie, that Return in the "Name" field has the same function as Return in the context field: one return closes the field, and a second return creates a new entry. Any thoughts on this solution?

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