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I moderate a few forums. Some fairly small, some rather large. I don't see a "general discussion" board so I'm guessing everything here should stay on-topic. Forums with such boards, often face some difficult questions.

I noticed the rules right now are simple. One part I do have a question on is:
"otherwise violative of any laws."

Which laws? US laws? So if someone posts about a tool which strips the DRM from iTMS m4p's (and that tool thus violates the DMCA)... that would be in violation of the forum rules?

It's good to be clear about this stuff and what's expected from the get-go. Taking the "don't give an answer either way" stance will come back to bite the forum admins.

IMHO, if the admins set a good-faith example of conduct, the members will then operate out of good-faith as well (and members who don't wont find this a good place to visit.)