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Currently most App are looking for ways to sync. I really like how iThoughtHD handles it. Although they are basically doing the same thing, asking user to manually sync with the cloud. But they have a file manager that show which files is out of sync, and allow you to sync. It will remind user which files needs to be sync (although they are still not automatically). This is much better than just giving user one share button at the bottom. (Of course, if OO can automatically sync, it will be even better, but sometimes giving us a quick solution is better than waiting for months to get a full fledge solution and losing customer.. look at Things.. i am giving up on them for the year long wait)

Some great things about iThoughtHD method
1) it remembers where the file is placed in the cloud .. no need to user to log into iDisk and search for the file and replace it.. (it knows which to replace).

2) A list of all the file that is out of sync, and one button sync all

P.S. To be fair to OO, even Apple own app (i.e. Keynote, Pages, and Numbers) handles syncing really bad considering I am using all Apple product (i.e. iDisk with all their apps)

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