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I use both FT and TP, and I must say that I *REALLY* prefer TP in general use, largely because I find the structure of the document much easier to follow with the tab indents. FT is an excellent markdown editor though.
Yes, it depends what you are after. FT is still in development (it's underlying engine being replaced with CodeMirror as we speak) but it has a rich programming and filtering language, as well as Markdown outlining, with hoisting, collapse/expand etc.

TP is, at the moment more stable, already has UI for its (less ambitious) query language, and has an iOS version and an ecosystem of scripts etc which make use of its file format.

For the moment, outlining, MD and the scripting language happen to be the things that I need for my projects, but there seems to be some prospect of the two converging around the CodeMirror engine, so that each might become a different display mode in the same editor.