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What would be nice is in the review mode where I can see how many actions I have assigned go the day to also see my calendar agenda.

Hence the word review. Trying to see as a complete view of your life as is possible.
Except the Review mode doesn't show anything of the sort :) You are thinking of the Forecast view, maybe? Review shows you the actions of one project at a time, allowing you to review that project to see whether it needs to be changed to keep it on track. Forecast view gives you the day-at-a-time view of the week + "bookends" of past and future. Forecast would be more useful if it had the option to show actions starting (not just due) on the day, and seems like the more appropriate place to show information from the calendar.

If you want your idea to become reality, use Contact Omni from the gear menu in the app to send in your request, as forum posts, no matter how brilliantly argued, don't usually make it into the development database.