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I love your products (I own most of them) but the synching in OmniFocus is a huge gaping hole. I own OmniFocus for all three devices but I've stopped because of synching problems.

MobileMe is dead. Some would say Thank God but that option is gone for me now.
Personal Webdav is finicky and I don't feel like setting it up myself.
Purchased Webdav means a finding a new data provider and paying. The better ones like Rackspace don't support Webdav.
Free Webdav means hoping someone will take care of my data, some of it involving clients. It would violate most NDA's a lot of us live under.

Your synch service is in beta. There is no SLA or privacy policies that I've been able to find. And it tends to go down. Just check your twitter feed.

You truly need to support some obvious alternatives. I will continue to use your other fine products every day. Good luck.