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Have you actually worked any of these problems with Omni support? My Macs sync every few minutes to the Omni sync server without trouble, and I've got a large database 10,000 actions, 1,000 projects, approximately 20 megabytes.
It does kinda stink though that every time I launch an iOS version I get 5-10 seconds of a modal "synchronizing with sync server" followed by 2 seconds of app availability followed by a modal "updating with synched data."

It's just... really crappy compared to the alternatives (The Hit List and Things with cloud sync). I'd hoped over the past 3 years a better alternative would come about... maybe 2.0 will make it not be so crappy.

It's not JUST about the speed... the whole blocking workflow (sure, you can enter inbox tasks) is pretty jarring on the iOS version. If you don't launch it every 30 minutes you're going to have the huge hulking blocking black screens EVERY time you launch.

Plus, I feel I need to sync EVERY iOS device EVERY day or stuff slows down.