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I'm back to using OmniWeb now that I have a computer that can handle it (a MacBook Pro with 3 GB of RAM :)), but one feature from Camino that I miss is address-bar autocompletion sorted by most recent view instead of alphabetically. That is, when I start typing in a URL in the address bar, it would be most helpful for the most-recently viewed matches to be at the top. Maybe the sort order could be customizable in the preferences?
To be honest, I'd prefer the (for me) more logical approach of address completion by URL-components.

The way it is implemented now is that everytime I go to, the first entry shown is that of an ad because it starts with a "_". Since Hurriyetim's homepage is "" (which is one of the next entries) and you can't really see the full URL in my URL-list, it really annoys me.

The logical path is for me by URL-components, the first entry being the full hostname + protocol (http:/// and the other entries by component + historical

Alphabetic is probably the most illogic way I've ever seen.

Historic doesn't make sense either if you are visiting a lot news sites, since when I enter the URL to go to a news website, I don't want to re-read the last news, but rather go to the homepage or into one of the categories.

Just my 2 €cents.