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The answer is yes, in OmniGraffle 5. You will need to export to PDF as opposed to printing to PDF, but at least in links that jump to other canvases as well as linking to URLs work fine.
I posted a bug report to Apple a few months ago about the "print to PDF breaking links in the source". I used to do this all the time way, way long ago in OS 7/8/9 days using the Acrobat driver (I was the editor of a bunch of IEEE standards using FrameMaker (RIP) and used the internal linking capability all over the place). I just started doing another doc (using Nisus/OmniGraffle) and tried doing the same, which worked fine using the print to PDF mode (failed using the the print to Adobe PDF Acrobat driver!), but when I shifted to using Pages/OmniGraffle, the links were broken unless the export option was used. All I can figure out is that the default action going through the normal print workflow is to strip links, but that the application can sometimes intercept the flow and allow links to get through.