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When no context is entered for a task, the 'By Due Date' perspective displays the project AND the context (which is 'no context'). If you enter a context then the display is only the project name. You cannot adjust column widths, it would be useful to be able to move the columns around so that you could group the actions due by project in the left column.

The due dates appear in UK format (dd/mm/yy), how does this change.

Where there are dates underneath each other in the start and due dates these appear to be centered. I think this looks a little untidy, they should all be ranged left.

The color of an action changes to red if you change the date to tomorrow (OK, I guess), but if you enter a start date this changes back to the grey or black color.

I would like to be able to sort Projects in a folder alphabetically, I have looked around but I couldn't find how to do this.