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I have just been trying out OmniFocus via the '14-day' trial, and have hit a weird bug that has made it pretty much useless for me to try.

I start out with a blank slate. In the 'Inbox' view, I go to the left-hand pane and select to create 'New Project'. I make a project, name it, and then add some tasks in the right pane. So far so good. Now I have a nice big project, I set some contexts, and decide to hit the 'Context' view button.

This is where it gets odd. The context view does not show any of the actions I just created. I click 'Projects' view again, and the project I just created has vanished, along with all of it's tasks. Any tasks not associated with a project are still visible.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this some artifact of the demo version? I can't sample this app very well if it deletes all my tasks every time I switch to 'Contexts' view.