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You can, for the time-being, use CSS to selectively resize pretty much anything.

Though, custom CSS is easy, it's not easy for the end-user.
Yes this is a bit tricky.

For example I need my font/size to be Optima 10 for all the text on most pages. However on the FreeBSD site an other FreeBSD/Unix forums I visit there is always tcsh/csh/bash CLI commands which should be displayed in a monospaced font like Courier or Monaco in size 11. I cannot get this to display in this way which is quit problematic. I have Font custom Preferences set to Standard Font Optima 10 Fixed Width Font Courier 11. Some pages work correctly but many do not. I do have a CSS which is designed to display every page with Optima 10 but must disable this for the pages i need some monospace font displayed but this causes the problem on many pages where all the text is displayed as monospaced and nothing is Optima.

If i could design a CSS that allowed all regular text to be Optima 10 and all the monospaced to display Courier 11 id be happy. Ive not found a usable solution yet.

here is my CSS code which basically sets all pages using it to use Optima size 10

html, body, * {
font-family: Optima !important;
font-size: 10px !important;
pre {
font-family: Optima !important;
a:visited, a:visited:hover, a:link:active {
color: #9900CC !important;
a:link, a:visited, a:hover, a:active {
text-decoration: underline !important;